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Wolfgang Böhm, Othmar Lahodynsky

„EU for you!“ – So funktioniert die Europäische Union (“EU for you!“ - That’s how the European Union works )


© G&G Verlag, Wien, 2013 (4 updated edition), 128 p., colourful photos.

ISBN 978-3-7074-0603-0

In German, Slovenian, Croatian, Estonian, Turkish, Romanian, Montenegrin

This is Austria's firsttextbookon theEU.This is a textbook for older students but secondary school teachers can use it to prepare lessons for their students. Since 2007, this book has been used to teach the subjects of geography and economics,history and social studies/political education. Invarioustranslations, the book is now usedin the classrooms in someother European countries, for example Slovenia and Croatia.


Article available in: Eesti, English, Deutsch