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Cliff Gifford

Forbidden for parents: Europe: ThecoolcrazyGuide(Für Eltern verboten: Europa: Der

cool verrückte Reiseführer)

© National Geographic, Lonely Planet, 2014, 96 p.

ISBN 978-3866903982

Translated from English into German

In English

Where can you eata dish called "Dead Grandma"? Why didthe famous painterVincent Van Goghcut offhis left earandthrow it away? Which countrycan you rentfor a night? This isnot a normalguide. It tellscrazystories about Europe, oneof the most excitingcontinents of the world. Discovercoolstories aboutthe biggestpizza in the world, weightyarmor, aFrenchman wholoved toeatmetal orstrangesports likephonethrowing. This book showsyouaEuropeabout whichyour parents haveprobably never heard. Recommended for 10-12 year olds.


Article available in: English, Deutsch, Português