Andrea Weller-Essers

Europe: People, Countries and Culture (What is what, volume 113) /

Europa: Menschen, Länder und Kultur (Was ist was, Band 113)

With manypictures, illustrationsandinfographics

© Tessloff Verlag, Nürnberg, 2013

“Was ist was” series, hard coverISBN: 978-3-7886-2067-7

In German

Welcome toEurope! Thesecond smallestcontinent on Earthhasa lot to offer: high mountainsanddeep gorges, fumingvolcanoesandglisteningglaciers! The continent alsohosts numerousfascinatingspecies. ButEuropeismore than just acontinent: the peoplewho live herecan look back onan excitinghistory. Whatwas meant by theEuropeanEnlightenment? Why were there wars? Andwhat doesthe European Union stand for? ThisWhat Is Whatvolume providesa comprehensive overview ofpeople, countries and culturesof our homecontinent.

Article available in: English, Deutsch