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Analyze and present environmental awareness-raising methods and tools; Collect and use best international practice;

Create a learning space that allows users to develop sense of saving of nature, spirit of innovative creativity, to feel like active participants which could make changes of the global environment;

To learn, to share experience and take purposeful action to preserve the environment.

In the section “Interesting Material” (http://ecotask.eu/?page_id=369) there is a collection of articles and materials, with a brief synopsis of each, that may help educators select appropriate facts and pedagogical materials.

It is about developing a lifelong ecological consciousness and ecological responsibility.

There are a series of interesting links (cf. https://grandparentsforthefuture.wordpress.com/ grandparents talking to grandchildren; check also a virtual laboratory for sustainable energy education at http://labo-energetic.eu/en/index.php)

There are also presentations and videos from several European countries.

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