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Multimedia Art


To inform art teachers in secondary schools about new forms of artistic expression based on the use of technology.

To promote the use of new technology in the art creation process, training secondary schools art teachers through distance learning.

It is organised as a series of 3 training modules for art teachers around the use of new technologies to enhance artistic creation and expression.

It addresses the gender split in access to science and technology;

It has a gallery of works of art; it gives access to an on-line museum and gallery (http://www.dam.org/); an art gallery with students and artists work (http://multimediart.pixel-online.net/) and gives an example of a multimedia art competition under the Lov’Art section (every student will work in pairs with another student from a different country on the development of a common multimedia art creation. The art works developed will be published under a specific section in the art gallery and will be evaluated by a Committee composed by experts of multimedia art.)

In English (involves schools from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Greece, Spain, Scotland, England and

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